Healthy Apple oatmeal 

so this morning I had a slight problem. I had only one banana left… One! I have bananas in pretty much everything, so I had to try something else in my oatmeal. I tried Apple oatmeal instead and I was delicious! I might have to start making this more often!

Healthy Apple oatmeal 


2 small apples

-1/2 cup rolled oats 

-pinch of cinnamon 

-pinch of nutmeg

-1/2 tsp agave syrup 

-1 tbsp walnuts 


1. Put 1 cup of water in a saucepan and bring to a boil

2. While the water is getting ready, chop up the apples

3. Once the water is boiling add all the ingredients except the agave syrup 

4. Cook the oat mixture according to what the package says  


5. Add the agave syrup and pour into the bowl

6. Enjoy!

This recipe is so good! If you try it out let me know how it goes!

What to do when your sick

This morning I woke up, and just didn’t feel good. My stomach felt like it was going to explode, my eyes hurt and my head was aching. I had to stay home to try and get myself better. Though, I can sometimes be painfully boring. Here are some tips I use when I’m stuck in bed all day. 

1. Have a bath 

Depending on how sick you are, having a bath can make you feel so much better. If you are sick like I am today, then throwing up in the bathtub might not work out to well. However, if you feel like you can manage a bath, the befits are huge. For starters, it can warm you up if you feel cold. It can also help you relax your muscles if you feel sore. Mainly, it can just help you relax in general, and help you feel better.

2. Drink water or tea

When I am sick, one of the most common things I do is dehydrate myself. You are supposed to have 8 glasses of water a day, and that doesn’t change when your sick. It may seem hard to gulp down a cold glass of water, so in that case just drink tea. Tea can help flush out toxins and just give you that warm fuzzy feeling inside. 

3. Read a book

If you feel up to it, reading can help pass the time. I would suggest reading over going on your laptop or phone. This is because it relaxes you instead of wakes you up. Sometimes when I am sick, I can get through a whole book in just one day. It distracts me from how bad i feel, which helps me get better.

4. Just sleep

This is kinda obvious, but just try and sleep your sickness off. Sleeping is the quickest way you will get better. If you feel gross, and trying to sleep makes your insides hurt more, just try. When you wake up you will likely feel a lot better.

Anyways those are my tips to get better when your sick. If your feeling under the weather at the moment I truly hope you get better soon. But I’m going to go sleep off this flu so see you next time!

Helpful Tip: Organinizaion

Tip: To Do Lists

We all know that staying organized sometimes seems impossible. However, when you are organized you feel so much happier and more productive. For me, one of the biggest things that help me stay organized are to do lists. I created a book just for to do lists out of an old notebook. All i did was add some sticker letters in the words “TO DO.” Then, to add some color, i used tape to make an even line and painted a very bottom strip yellow.    ts simple, yet appealing. Every day, when i am about to go to bed, i make a to do list for the next day.  

  I like using boxes that i can check off throughout the day. The next day, before i do anything i review my list to make sure i have an idea of what i need to do that day. It feels so satisfying checking off the boxes one by one. It even sets a challenge to try and check off every box that day. Therefore, if you are trying to organize your life, start off with to do lists. Its simple but effective. 


5 tips to help change your attitude to running

If you tend to dread running and only do it to stay in shape, then you how much of a hassle it can be. You tend to wonder how people get exited to go for a run, and are often jealous of them. Well today you can change you mindset with my 5 simple tips.   

  1. Pretend you are exited

I know this seems strange and useless, but it can really help. Instead of thinking, “Awww, i have to go run in like an hour,” think, “Yay! I can run in an hour!” Think about all the wonderful things you can see and experience. This may take up a lot of effort, but it helps in the long run. If you try and replace negative thoughts with positive ones, eventually they will come naturally out of habit.

2. Change it up 

One of the most common mistakes i used to make was running on the same route. One of the worst things when your running is to be bored. If your running the same route every day, it will be boring. It may seem scary to run in a place you don’t usually go. However, you will be distracted with new sights and the run will pass quicker.

3. Discover what kind of runner you are

This tip mainly applies to those who just started running. What i mean is to find out what atmosphere you like when running. Some people like the sounds of nature, while others cant stand a run without music. Some like a run to be a time for them self, while other like to run with others. Some like to run on roads, while others prefer trails. Some like to run in the morning, and some in the afternoon. My advice to you is to try them all out, and stick with the ones that you like most. It can honestly make such a difference.

4. Get a proper routine

A proper routine makes a huge difference. My routine looks like this. Get home from school, eat a snack, get change, stretch, and go. It may not seem like much but it does help. With a routine you can properly get ready, such as energize, stretch, and get mentally prepared. All these things are necessary for a successful run. Having a routing will also become a habit so eventually you will get ready for your run and go without even thinking about it. Like they say, consistency is key.

5. Stay Positive!

This relates to pretending your exited. However, you shouldn’t pretend this. You have to keep positive no matter what. Have a bad day? Just get back on it tomorrow. Not as fast as others? More room for improvement. Not seeing changes? Don’t worry, they will come. These are the thoughts you need to have if you want to enjoy running. Even if its hard to keep positive, dig deeper for that small piece that keeps you happy.

I could keep going and going with tips, but that’s my top 5. If you want more tips just let me know down below. If you follow these tips, you will notice a huge difference in your attitude towards running in no time. Happy running!

Tye Dye Easter eggs!

As i was sitting at my desk today, thinking about how i really got in the spring spirit this year, i realized something. I forgot to decorate Easter eggs! How on earth could someone forget! Right away i grabbed the eggs and started. I tried out a new technique that worked out really well. If you want to know how i did them, just keep reading.

So to start off i blew out the eggs. This step is completely optional as you can just used boiled eggs. However, i like the fact that they last forever and don’t need to be kept in the fridge. It you want a tutorial o how to blow out eggs, just let me know. (although i don’t think i will do it this year because Easter is literally in one day.)

Tye Dye Easter eggs

You will need:

-Nail polish

-a container


-a toothpick

So for the actual decorating, i did the same process as marbled nails. Don’t worry if you failed at marbled nails before, as this is much easier.  

   1. Start off with filling a container with lukewarm water.

2. lay newspaper on your surface as it can get very messy

3. drip the nail polish into the water, switching different colors as you go. Make sure you move quick, so the polish creates a big circle effect not a dot.  

  4. Using your toothpick, make small strokes through the colors to make them appear like tye dye.  

  5. place your egg into the water and make sure the color is all placed on the egg

6. When you take out the egg, you will have a gorgeous design. Let it dry and your done!

Healthy Spring Bites 

Easter is tomorrow, and i wanted to have some treats for my family and me to enjoy. Lately i have been obsessed with chocolate, so i was looking for something that included it. I found this recipe for healthy raw carrot balls at . I decided to give them a try. Lets just say they were not going well. I don’t know if it was the recipe or me. Anyhow, i made some changes and they turned out great. They have a perfect mix of carrot, apple and chocolate. You cant even tell they are healthy! Here’s how i made them.

Healthy Spring Bites


For the filling:

-1/4 cup grated carrots

-1 large apple, cored

-1/8 cup raisins or currants

-1 – 1 1/4 cup shredded dried coconut

-1/4 tsp cinammon

-1/8 tsp nutmeg

-1-2 tbsp raw honey or agave syrup

– 2 tbsp nut butter (almond, peanut, sunflower)

-2 tbsp almond flour (or ground almonds)  

   For the chocolate:

-1/4 cup coconut oil

-2 tbsp raw honey/agave syrup

-1/2 tsp vanilla extract

-6 tbsp cacao

-3 tbsp water (more or less to get the desired consistency, add slowly)  


1. Cut the apple into slices and grate. Using a sieve or strainer, squeeze the juice from the grated apple pieces.

2. pour the juice into a bigger bowl along with all the other ingredients for the filling.  

  3. It should be thick enough to roll into balls. Roll the mixture into small balls of about 1 tbsp of the mixture. They don’t have to hold overly well, just enough to keep their shape on a plate.  

  4. put the balls into the refrigerator. leave for 30-60 minutes. While they are cooling start on the chocolate.

5. Mix all the ingredients either then the water and cacao powder and water into a bowl. you dont to microwave the coconut oil at the moment.

6. Slowly add the cacao into the mixture. The mixture will be very thick. To thin it add the water slowly. If your mixture still has lumps of the oil, put it into the microwave for about 15 seconds (or until the oil melts). You should be left with a mixture that looks like melted chocolate.  

  7. When the balls have cooled, line a tray with parchment paper. Place the balls onto the tray and slowly pour the chocolate over the balls. Make sure they are all evenly coated. Put the balls back into the freezer and wait about 1 hour, or until chocolate hardens.  

   8. Remove from the tray and enjoy!. Keep in the fridge to prevent them from meting.

Tip: These melt quick! so make sure you eat them quickly to prevent you from having chocolate covered fingers.

Healthy Easter/Spring nests

this morning I was in the mood to bake. Being that it is spring and coming close to Easter, I wanted to make spring themed treats. A couple days ago I saw Niomi Smarts recipe for healthy bird nests. I knew this would be the perfect recipe to try out. When I did, I was not disappointed. It’s impossible to tell there even healthy! These are the perfect way to get into the spring spirit!

Healthy Easter/Spring nests

(Makes about 9 nests)


-100g dark chocolate (approximately 1 chocolate bar)

-2 1/2 cups puffed rice or puffed wheat

-1/2 cup oats

-1/2 cup ground almonds or almond flour

-1 tbsp coconut oil

-1 tbsp almond butter

-2 tbsp maple syrup/agave syrup

-1 tbsp mini dark chocolate chips ( you could also just chop up dark chocolate into mini chunks)

-1 tbsp other filler (I.e. Chopped peanuts, dried raspberries or more mini dark chocolate chips)  


1. Fill a saucepan with a small amount of water and bring to a boil. Put a bowl over the top and add the 100g dark chocolate.

2. Slowly melt the chocolate. When the chocolate is all melted, gradually add the puffed rice and stir until evenly coated.

3. line a muffin tray with 9 muffin liners and add evenly add the rice mixture. Using a spoon create a small hole in the center. These will be the nests.  

   4. Put the muffin tin into the refrigerator. Let cool for 1-2 hours

5. while the nests are cooling, you can start on the eggs. Add the coconut oil onto a small saucepan and let melt.

6. While the oil is melting, grind your oats in a food processes or blender. They should end up like a fine powder.

7. When the oil has melted, add it to a bowl along with the oat powder, almond flour, almond butter, maple syrup, dark chocolate chips and your other filler.

8. Mix together until you have a cookie dough texture. Using about a tsp of the mixture, make small egg shapes. You should end up with 22-30 eggs.

9. Put into the refrigerator for about 10 minutes. Once eggs and nests have hardened, remove from the fridge.

10. Remove the muffin liner from the nests. Add about three eggs into each nest.

And that’s it! Now all you have to do is enjoy!