Helpful Tip: Organinizaion

Tip: To Do Lists

We all know that staying organized sometimes seems impossible. However, when you are organized you feel so much happier and more productive. For me, one of the biggest things that help me stay organized are to do lists. I created a book just for to do lists out of an old notebook. All i did was add some sticker letters in the words “TO DO.” Then, to add some color, i used tape to make an even line and painted a very bottom strip yellow.    ts simple, yet appealing. Every day, when i am about to go to bed, i make a to do list for the next day.  

  I like using boxes that i can check off throughout the day. The next day, before i do anything i review my list to make sure i have an idea of what i need to do that day. It feels so satisfying checking off the boxes one by one. It even sets a challenge to try and check off every box that day. Therefore, if you are trying to organize your life, start off with to do lists. Its simple but effective. 



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