Tye Dye Easter eggs!

As i was sitting at my desk today, thinking about how i really got in the spring spirit this year, i realized something. I forgot to decorate Easter eggs! How on earth could someone forget! Right away i grabbed the eggs and started. I tried out a new technique that worked out really well. If you want to know how i did them, just keep reading.

So to start off i blew out the eggs. This step is completely optional as you can just used boiled eggs. However, i like the fact that they last forever and don’t need to be kept in the fridge. It you want a tutorial o how to blow out eggs, just let me know. (although i don’t think i will do it this year because Easter is literally in one day.)

Tye Dye Easter eggs

You will need:

-Nail polish

-a container


-a toothpick

So for the actual decorating, i did the same process as marbled nails. Don’t worry if you failed at marbled nails before, as this is much easier.  

   1. Start off with filling a container with lukewarm water.

2. lay newspaper on your surface as it can get very messy

3. drip the nail polish into the water, switching different colors as you go. Make sure you move quick, so the polish creates a big circle effect not a dot.  

  4. Using your toothpick, make small strokes through the colors to make them appear like tye dye.  

  5. place your egg into the water and make sure the color is all placed on the egg

6. When you take out the egg, you will have a gorgeous design. Let it dry and your done!


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