What to do when your sick

This morning I woke up, and just didn’t feel good. My stomach felt like it was going to explode, my eyes hurt and my head was aching. I had to stay home to try and get myself better. Though, I can sometimes be painfully boring. Here are some tips I use when I’m stuck in bed all day. 

1. Have a bath 

Depending on how sick you are, having a bath can make you feel so much better. If you are sick like I am today, then throwing up in the bathtub might not work out to well. However, if you feel like you can manage a bath, the befits are huge. For starters, it can warm you up if you feel cold. It can also help you relax your muscles if you feel sore. Mainly, it can just help you relax in general, and help you feel better.

2. Drink water or tea

When I am sick, one of the most common things I do is dehydrate myself. You are supposed to have 8 glasses of water a day, and that doesn’t change when your sick. It may seem hard to gulp down a cold glass of water, so in that case just drink tea. Tea can help flush out toxins and just give you that warm fuzzy feeling inside. 

3. Read a book

If you feel up to it, reading can help pass the time. I would suggest reading over going on your laptop or phone. This is because it relaxes you instead of wakes you up. Sometimes when I am sick, I can get through a whole book in just one day. It distracts me from how bad i feel, which helps me get better.

4. Just sleep

This is kinda obvious, but just try and sleep your sickness off. Sleeping is the quickest way you will get better. If you feel gross, and trying to sleep makes your insides hurt more, just try. When you wake up you will likely feel a lot better.

Anyways those are my tips to get better when your sick. If your feeling under the weather at the moment I truly hope you get better soon. But I’m going to go sleep off this flu so see you next time!


5 tips to help change your attitude to running

If you tend to dread running and only do it to stay in shape, then you how much of a hassle it can be. You tend to wonder how people get exited to go for a run, and are often jealous of them. Well today you can change you mindset with my 5 simple tips.   

  1. Pretend you are exited

I know this seems strange and useless, but it can really help. Instead of thinking, “Awww, i have to go run in like an hour,” think, “Yay! I can run in an hour!” Think about all the wonderful things you can see and experience. This may take up a lot of effort, but it helps in the long run. If you try and replace negative thoughts with positive ones, eventually they will come naturally out of habit.

2. Change it up 

One of the most common mistakes i used to make was running on the same route. One of the worst things when your running is to be bored. If your running the same route every day, it will be boring. It may seem scary to run in a place you don’t usually go. However, you will be distracted with new sights and the run will pass quicker.

3. Discover what kind of runner you are

This tip mainly applies to those who just started running. What i mean is to find out what atmosphere you like when running. Some people like the sounds of nature, while others cant stand a run without music. Some like a run to be a time for them self, while other like to run with others. Some like to run on roads, while others prefer trails. Some like to run in the morning, and some in the afternoon. My advice to you is to try them all out, and stick with the ones that you like most. It can honestly make such a difference.

4. Get a proper routine

A proper routine makes a huge difference. My routine looks like this. Get home from school, eat a snack, get change, stretch, and go. It may not seem like much but it does help. With a routine you can properly get ready, such as energize, stretch, and get mentally prepared. All these things are necessary for a successful run. Having a routing will also become a habit so eventually you will get ready for your run and go without even thinking about it. Like they say, consistency is key.

5. Stay Positive!

This relates to pretending your exited. However, you shouldn’t pretend this. You have to keep positive no matter what. Have a bad day? Just get back on it tomorrow. Not as fast as others? More room for improvement. Not seeing changes? Don’t worry, they will come. These are the thoughts you need to have if you want to enjoy running. Even if its hard to keep positive, dig deeper for that small piece that keeps you happy.

I could keep going and going with tips, but that’s my top 5. If you want more tips just let me know down below. If you follow these tips, you will notice a huge difference in your attitude towards running in no time. Happy running!