Healthy Apple oatmeal 

so this morning I had a slight problem. I had only one banana left… One! I have bananas in pretty much everything, so I had to try something else in my oatmeal. I tried Apple oatmeal instead and I was delicious! I might have to start making this more often!

Healthy Apple oatmeal 


2 small apples

-1/2 cup rolled oats 

-pinch of cinnamon 

-pinch of nutmeg

-1/2 tsp agave syrup 

-1 tbsp walnuts 


1. Put 1 cup of water in a saucepan and bring to a boil

2. While the water is getting ready, chop up the apples

3. Once the water is boiling add all the ingredients except the agave syrup 

4. Cook the oat mixture according to what the package says  


5. Add the agave syrup and pour into the bowl

6. Enjoy!

This recipe is so good! If you try it out let me know how it goes!


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